#92 – Music for Halloween and Samhain

Music from Stonecircle, Heather Dale, Poitin, Crepuscule, Grey Aengus, Jasper Coal, Battlelegs, Circled by Hounds, Serious Kitchen, Poor Man's Fortune, David Nigel Lloyd, Minstrels of Mayhem, Ockham's Razor, John McLean Allan, Hair of the Dog, Angus Mohr, Rising Gael. www.celticmusicpodcast.com

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Marc Gunn, The Celt Father at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival

This Week

“Tamlin” by Stonecircle
from Metamorphosis

“Black Fox” by Heather Dale
from The Road to Santiago

“Lover's Ghost” by Poitin
from Jiggery Pokery

“Devil in the Kitchen Set” by Crepuscule
from Shades of music

“She Moved Through the Faire_A Maid in Bedlam” by Grey Aengus
from Gaelic Soup

“Twa Corbies” by Jasper Coal
from 1000 Feet Closer To Hell

“The Soup Mages” by Battlelegs
from The Soup Mages

“The Well Below The Valley” by Circled by Hounds
from Chasing Our Tales

“Young Hunting” by Serious Kitchen
from Tig

“The Unquiet Grave” by Poor Man's Fortune
from In Good Time

“The Three Sisters and the King of the Deep Dark Well/The Just Desert” by David Nigel Lloyd
from Rivers, Kings and Curses

“The Banshee” by Minstrels of Mayhem
from Rocky Road

“The Night Before Larry Was Stretched” by Ockham's Razor
from Ten Thousand Miles To Bedlam

“Dark Island / The Bulgarian Bandit” by John McLean Allan
from Stand Easy

“Devil's Coal (The Legend Of Jack O'Lantern)” by Hair of the Dog
from Donegal

“Isabel the Elf-Knight” by Angus Mohr
from Symphony from a Ghost Ship

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“William's Ghost” by Rising Gael
from These City Walls


In every episode of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, I ask you to vote for your favorite song in that podcast. The most-popular song is then featured at the end of the next podcast. Here are the most-popular songs from the last show.

1. “Cruel Sister” by Tania Opland & Mike Freeman
from Choice Fare

2. “Far Away” by The Kreellers
3. “Siul A Run” by Alizabr and Ann Sannat
4. “Rising of the Moon” by Michael William Harrison
5. “Pretty Too” by Rathkeltair

“Cruel Sister” by Tania Opland & Mike Freeman
“Far Away” by The Kreellers
“Siul A Run” by Alizabr and Ann Sannat
“Rising of the Moon” by Michael William Harrison
“Pretty Too” by Rathkeltair

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  1. I’ve been rereading all the Harry Potter books the last few weeks and have been listening to episodes of this podcast and the Pub songs podcast while doing so. And I gotta say, for some reason, the pod casts put a different feel to the books. It makes them more emotional somehow. Thanks for all the great music.

    Is baby Kensie here yet? (Hope I spelled that right, if not, sorry)

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